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Embrace flexibility

with part-time work

At ivee, we understand that returning to work isn't just about finding a job—it's about finding the right fit for your life.

Why part-time?

Part-time work involves fewer hours per week than full-time employment, offering flexibility and reduced workloads that can better accommodate personal life demands.

This work style is excellent for those looking to ease back into the professional world without the full-time commitment. With typically flexible scheduling, part-time roles can help you manage daily activities and reduce stress, making it easier to transition back into the workforce at a pace that suits you.

This model is ideal for a variety of roles across industries such as consulting, retail, customer service, education, and administrative support.

Adapting to hybrid schedules

Adapting to part-time work requires effective time management to maximise productivity during reduced hours.

It’s important to develop skills that help you prioritise tasks and communicate effectively with full-time teams to stay integrated and up-to-date.

ivee offers targeted training that focuses on these competencies, ensuring you can make the most out of your part-time role while maintaining professional growth and workplace connectivity.

Maintaining connection and collaboration

One challenge of part-time work is maintaining a strong connection with your team, especially if you work fewer hours than others.

To address this, ivee encourages participation in team meetings and company events whenever possible and utilises digital tools to keep you engaged with your colleagues. Regular updates and collaborative platforms ensure that you remain an active and valued member of your team.


ivee’s role in your part-time work journey

Join the ivee community to gain access to our support, to help you land your dream part-time role

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Tailored job matching

Connect with employers offering flexible part-time opportunities that fit your career goals and personal life.

Skill building

Access specialised training tailored to enhance efficiency and productivity in part-time settings.

Community access

Join a supportive network of like-minded professionals to exchange insights and strategies for thriving in part-time roles.

Ongoing support

Benefit from resources and workshops designed to help you maintain work-life balance and navigate the dynamics of part-time work.

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