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Your competitive edge.

Gain a distinct competitive advantage with ivee by tapping into the often-overlooked talent pool of women returners, showcasing your brand’s commitment to diversity and innovation.

Access Hidden Talent

Many women returners are invisible on traditional recruitment platforms—55% haven't used LinkedIn in the past year, and 34% don't have an account at all.

Overcome Hiring Biases

By using psychology-driven strategies to encourage applications, ivee helps overcome biases associated with resume gaps, connecting you with confident, capable candidates.

Expand Your Talent Base

ivee gives you direct access to experienced female leaders. This supports compliance with CSRD and SDS regulations, helping you meet critical diversity targets.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Stand out from competitors, enhance your brand's appeal, and attract top returner talent by becoming an ivee Gold Standard employer.

Bridge your skills-gaps.
Build workforce resilience.


Average returner retention rate


Of returners have management experience


Average years of experience

Returners bring hard-to-find skills to the table

In a crisis, a woman’s instinct is not to flee but to lead.

It’s this kind of unshakable resilience that returners carry into leadership roles, forging a workforce that can thrive through any challenge.

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Better Listeners

65% of returners are hailed as better listeners.

Calm in Crisis

51% of returners are calmer in crisis, with an instinct to lead.

Commercial Awareness

60% of returners have better commercial awareness.

Natural Diplomats

47% are more diplomatic.

Team Players

44% are praised as better team players.

Exceptional Managers

41% of female managers are more engaged as managers.

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