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For Returners

Your skills matter. Discover how we celebrate and elevate women returners.

Looking to return to work?

You’re in the right place.

No Response on your Applications?

Sent out applications but hearing nothing back? You’re not alone in feeling overlooked by recruiters.

Struggling to Find Flexible Roles?

Having trouble finding roles that fit your new lifestyle? Flexibility is essential but often hard to come by.

Thinking of Switching Industries?

Reconsidering whether to return to your previous field? It’s common to want a change after a break.

Unsure How your Skills Translate?

Unsure how your skills might fit into a new job? Many returners struggle to map their abilities to new roles.

Loss of Professional Identity?

Feeling disconnected from your professional self? Rediscovering your professional identity is a key step for many.

Overwhelmed by the Job Market?

Overwhelmed by how much the job landscape has changed? Keeping pace can be daunting after time away.

Hone Your Skills

Unlock your potential with tailored courses designed to refresh and expand your skill set.

Connect and Learn

Participate in webinars, like CV workshops, and events that enhance your network and job application skills.

Tools for Success

Access a wide range of resources, from resume templates to interview tips, all crafted to support your journey back into the workforce.

Your Next Opportunity

Our community sets you up to find roles that value your experience and fit your life.




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