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Whether you’re looking to supercharge your workforce or planning your return to work, we’re here to help. Reach out to discover how ivee can work for you.

I’m a returner, how can ivee help me?

How does ivee help me find a job that matches my skills?

ivee uses advanced matching technology to align your unique skills and experience with job opportunities that suit your professional profile, ensuring you find roles that truly fit your capabilities and offer the flexibility you need.

What types of companies use ivee to find candidates?

ivee partners with a diverse range of companies across various industries, from startups to large enterprises, all committed to supporting and hiring returners while offering various degrees of flexibility.

Can ivee help me update my skills before I re-enter the workforce?

Yes, ivee offers tailored upskilling programs and resources to help you refresh and enhance your skills, making you job-ready and competitive in today’s market.

Is there a cost associated with using the ivee platform?

The ivee platform is free for returners. Our goal is to make your transition back into the workforce as smooth and supportive as possible without any financial barriers.

I’m an employer, how can ivee help me?

How does ivee ensure the quality of candidates?

ivee’s candidates go through a thorough pre-vetting process, which includes skill assessments and interviews to ensure they meet the high standards our partner employers expect.

What support does ivee offer to integrate returners into our workforce?

ivee provides continuous support through integration guides, best practice frameworks, and ongoing mentorship to ensure returners and employers achieve a successful and smooth transition.

Can ivee integrate with our existing HR systems?

Yes, ivee is designed to seamlessly integrate with most HR systems, facilitating a smooth workflow and easy access to a diverse talent pool without disrupting your existing processes.

What are the costs associated with hiring through ivee?

Hiring through ivee is cost-effective, reducing typical recruitment expenses. We offer tiered monthly subscription pricing to suit different needs and provide significant ROI through high retention rates and the unique value returners bring to the workplace.




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