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In the post-covid world, the traditional work landscape has been dramatically transformed, highlighting the crucial role of flexibility in modern work environments. Companies previously resistant to flexible work arrangements have found themselves compelled to adapt swiftly, recognising that such flexibility isn’t just a convenience—it’s a cornerstone of contemporary workforce success.

At ivee, we understand that flexibility transcends the simple option to work from home. It encompasses a huge variety of factors, including when, where, and how work gets done. True workplace flexibility must be ingrained within the culture of an organisation, backed by a supportive management team and comprehensive policies that address the unpredictable nature of life, particularly for those balancing caregiving responsibilities.

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Organisational Support and Personal Autonomy: Key Pillars of Workplace Flexibility

Research by Werklabs highlights that flexibility is deeply valued by workers, particularly mothers. The re are two pivotal elements that businesses must foster to support flexibility effectively:

  1. Organisational Support: A culture that respects individual flexibility needs and prioritises employee well-being is fundamental. Without a genuine commitment from the top, flexible policies are less likely to succeed.
  2. Personal Autonomy: Empowering employees to tailor their work arrangements to fit their unique circumstances leads to higher job satisfaction. Whether it’s choosing work hours or deciding on remote work options, autonomy plays a significant role.

The Impact of Flexibility on Business Outcomes

The benefits of implementing flexible work arrangements extend beyond employee satisfaction—such arrangements can significantly enhance a company’s operational efficiency and talent retention. Employees who feel their flexibility needs are met are more likely to stay with a company, recommend it to others, and perform better.

Moreover, embracing flexibility can serve as a powerful branding tool, positioning a company as an empathetic and progressive employer—a particularly attractive trait for attracting top talent in today’s competitive job market.

Getting Involved: Opportunities for Employers and Mothers

  • For Mothers: If you’re exploring new career opportunities or seeking a workplace that champions flexibility, consider registering with platforms like ivee, which connects you with employers who value integration of work and life.
  • For Employers: To attract skilled, dedicated, and diverse talent, consider implementing and genuinely supporting flexible work policies. Not only will this improve your employer brand, but it will also contribute to a more loyal and productive workforce.

By fostering a culture that values flexibility, businesses are not just supporting their employees but are also investing in their own long-term success. As the saying goes, what’s good for moms is invariably good for business.

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